Group of thieves steal children’s bikes in broad daylight near 63rd and Carmen

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Bike thefts near 63rd and Carmen

MILWAUKEE -- Bikes were stolen from four boys in less than three days, right from under a north side family's noses. Their father is hoping someone spots the culprits.

"It's more than rude, because why would you take someone's bike," said Danny Yang, homeowner.

The security cameras on Danny Yang's home near 63rd and Carmen, captured the moment three boys walked down the driveway, into the family backyard Monday evening, Aug. 12. The three grabbed two BMX bikes and rode off.

Bike thefts near 63rd and Carmen

Bike thefts near 63rd and Carmen

"First day of school, boys came home and they were riding their bikes outside while me and my wife were cooking inside," Yang said. "We didn't realize anything was gone. Tuesday we didn't realize anything was gone either -- until yesterday (Thursday), when my boy was like, 'where's my bike?!'"

Yang went to the surveillance video and it showed how quickly the theft went down.

Bike thefts near 63rd and Carmen

Danny Yang

"I start slowly replaying the video and that's when I see the people coming in and steal the bike," Yang said. "Dinner's ready, put the bike in the back. Right around the corner to keep it out of sight."

Minutes after his eldest son went to the garden to grab some peppers for the family dinner, the three boys are seen walking up to the front of the home -- one of them was on a bike and rode off.

"Then the thieves came from the side, walk around my truck, and grab it right from back there," said Yang.

Bike thefts near 63rd and Carmen

The father of seven, five boys and two girls, then realized his two older boys' mountain bikes were missing as well.

"They probably came back a second time to steal the last two," said Yang.

Yang is at a loss as to why someone would swipe the bikes.

"Especially if you're watching them, they walk right inside and you come and steal it? That's completely rude right there," said Yang.

Frustrated that the bikes he bought his kids to enjoy the outdoors are now in the hands of someone else, Yang says a report has been filed with Milwaukee police. The only upside to the situation, Yang says it happened at the end of summer and not the beginning.

Bike thefts near 63rd and Carmen

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