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Prosecutors: Woman accused in Thiensville stabbing claimed her friend was ‘trying to kill her’

Lori Long

Lori Long

THIENSVILLE — A Milwaukee woman stands accused of stabbing her “friend” multiple times in Thiensville Saturday night, Aug. 17. According to prosecutors, Lori Long, 50, claimed the victim attacked her, and the stabbing was self-defense.

Long faces one count of aggravated battery.

According to a criminal complaint, just before 11 p.m., police responded to the area near Laurel Lake Road and Heidel Road, off of Cedarburg Road/Main Street, and a neighbor directed police to Apartment 4. Police were met by Long, who had blood on her hands and feet. There was a large pool of blood by the front door. The complaint said Long’s hair was up and it appeared there was some sort of injury or abrasion to her head, but officers were unable to see any other abrasions to her body.

Long said she was at the apartment with her friend, drinking and watching movies, when her friend attacked her and pulled her hair. She said her friend passed out while they were watching movies, and when she woke up, she began asking Long, “Why are you here?”Long said her friend then began attacking her “for no reason.” Long continued to repeat, “She attacked me,” claiming she was punched and kicked. Long said “the only self-defense she could find” was a knife Long used to “slash” her friend, who was “trying to kill her” and she “did not know why.” She said the knife was in the sink, and it appeared to have been washed. There was another knife in the sink that appeared to have a broken handle, and pieces of it were scattered on the floor.

Stabbing in Thiensville

Long’s friend was found by the front door of the building, covered in blood. Based on the blood trail, the complaint said it appeared she fled the residence after the attack, and returned when she saw a squad. She suffered a large laceration on her right leg, two lacerations on her back, two lacerations or stab wounds near her neck and shoulders, and one on her head. The complaint said “there was a substantial risk of death.” She was taken to Froedtert Hospital for surgery.

She was interviewed after surgery and advised she was watching a movie with Long and she “really doesn’t know what happened next.” She said she couldn’t remember any specific details after they got back to the home from Walgreens. She could not recall if she did anything to Long before she began stabbing her.

Stabbing in Thiensville

Long was in court Monday, Aug. 19 for a bail/bond hearing. Cash bond was set at $10,000, and a hearing was scheduled for Aug. 29.

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