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‘They were run down:’ Cameras capture 75-year-old mother, son, struck by truck near 19th and Grant

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MILWAUKEE -- A truck slammed into a mother and son as they crossed the street near 19th and Grant on Milwaukee's south side, and the surveillance video is heart-stopping.

"They were run down -- put it that way," said Paul Reyes, whose mother, Maria, and brother, Nick, were struck on Wednesday, Aug. 14.

The driver of the striking vehicle told police he was driving northbound on S. 19th Street near Grant Street when he struck the victims -- who were walking across the street. The driver stated he then got out of vehicle to check on the victims.

Surveillance cameras captured the male victim walking away, with his mother laying unconscious in the street.

Mother, son struck by truck near 19th and Grant

Paul Reyes

Paul Reyes

"He got up and walked into the bar," said Paul Reyes. "My brother just has scrapes and bruises because my mother took the hit and like, pushed him, and he flew."

Reyes said his mother suffered serious injuries.

"She's out of it most of the time," said Paul Reyes. "She has seven broken ribs, a broken collarbone on the right side, and a broken pelvis."

The surveillance video shed light on the moments leading up to the crash -- and left Reyes wondering what went wrong with the driver, who stayed at the scene after the crash.

Mother, son struck by truck near 19th and Grant

"They waited for him to go," said Reyes. "He didn't go. All the sudden he goes when they're directly in front of them. On his phone, asleep at the wheel, or on some type of drug."

Reyes said he was hopeful charges would be filed against the driver, as his family works to heal.

"Just pretty sad, and wondering what is going to happen next," said Reyes.

The driver was taken into custody for driving without a license and causing great bodily harm, police said.

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