‘Uncomfortably close:’ Ald. Cavalier Johnson’s vehicle struck by gunfire, his son ‘had to hit the floor’

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Alderman Cavalier Johnson

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police were seeking shooter(s) after an alderman's car was shot just a few yards away from his three children. The gunfire rang out shortly before 5 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 20 -- and Alderman Cavalier Johnson described the shots as "uncomfortably close."

"I was sitting in the living room of my home," said Johnson. "I heard them loud and clear."

It wasn't until after police arrived that Johnson realized his car was struck by gunfire.

"Like too many parents here and across this state, I wasn’t shocked as much as I was angry that my 9-year-old son who plays catch outside, rides his bike, and plays in the snow, had to hit the floor," Johnson said. "He was frightened in his own home. He was scared in his own neighborhood because of someone else’s reckless actions with a gun."

Johnson told reporters he found two shell casings on the property, but he does not believe he or his family was targeted.

"I think somebody was just being reckless with a gun in this community -- and my vehicle just happened to be in the way," Johnson said.

Alderman Cavalier Johnson

The alderman was clearly frustrated by the incident, speaking of his son, his daughters, his wife, and more.

"He didn't deserve this," said Johnson. "My daughters don’t deserve this. Boys relaxing at home on the south side don’t deserve this. Girls watching Netflix in their room on the north side don’t deserve this. Children playing on their school playground or sitting on their grandfather’s lap don’t deserve this. Children who are simply passengers in vehicles don’t deserve this. My wife and I certainly don’t deserve this, and frankly, no parent, grandparent, or caretaker anywhere in this city or in this state deserves this."

Johnson used this incident to call on state and federal leaders for tougher gun laws.

"This isn't an isolated incident just in my neighborhood," said Johnson. "This happens all over the place, and it doesn't need to."

Fortunately, nobody was hurt by gunfire in this incident -- and Johnson said he is staying in his neighborhood.

"We're still gonna go outside," said Johnson. "We're still gonna play. You don't allow incidents like this to make you shelter in place. What you do, is you stand up, and you fight back."

CLICK HERE to read the complete statement of Ald. Johnson.

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