‘Wonderful experience that I’ll never forget:’ Months before retirement, sheriff’s deputy delivers baby

OZAUKEE COUNTY -- An Ozaukee County deputy made a special delivery on Sunday, Aug. 18 -- helping to bring a baby boy into the world at a family's home in Fredonia.

"I was happy he was there," said Brianna Hackbarth. "I remember feeling like, 'Oh my God. Somebody is here to help.'"

"I heard the urgency in the dispatcher's voice," said Deputy Ron Noll, Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office. "I knelt in front of Brianna, and we tried to calm her down. Her mom was helping her out, and I think she did a good job. She did a wonderful job, actually."

Ron Noll

Just four minutes after the Ozaukee County deputy arrived, Henry Hackbarth made his debut.

Brianna Hackbarth

"I was scared," Brianna Hackbarth. "I was like, 'I'm not going to get to the hospital. Oh my God.'"

"Once the head came out, I noticed the cord wasn't around the baby's neck, which was a relief, and then the one shoulder popped out, the other shoulder popped out, and then he came out rather quickly, and my main goal after that was just to hang onto him," said Deputy Noll.

Henry Hackbarth and his mom were taken to the hospital, where Henry -- who arrived three weeks early -- was still being held for observation Thursday, Aug. 22.

"He's doing good," said Brianna Hackbarth. "He's just resting in the hospital, and hopefully he'll be coming home in the next couple weeks."

Henry Hackbarth

Henry Hackbarth

Deputy Noll was awarded a medal and stork pin. He said it was one of the most rewarding moments of his 30-year career, as he prepares to retire in January.

"It was a different experience," said Noll.  "It was a wonderful experience, one that I'll never forget."

Ron Noll

The family and deputy plan to keep in touch as little Henry grows. They already lovingly call him "Uncle Ron."

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