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End of historic Pewaukee landmark is near: ‘We are looking for a positive outcome’

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PEWAUKEE -- The end of one historic Pewaukee landmark is near. Sunday morning, Aug. 25 was a reflective one in many ways, as it marked the final time Agape
Community Church
members worshipped inside St. Mary's Church in Pewaukee.

Agape Community Church, Pewaukee

Theresa Hoff of Pewaukee was emotional and frustrated. Hoff and other community members were upset they had to vacate the building, telling FOX6 News the property owners planned to raze it.

Agape Community Church, Pewaukee

"It is their hope to start demolition sometime in September -- and it's our hope to work with our village trustees, village board, and planning commission to make sure that we stop them," Hoff said. "We are going to be positive until the last possible moment."

Pastor Florin Docea remained faithful.

"We are brothers and sisters in Christ -- and even with the landlord -- and we are looking for a positive outcome,  positive solution," the pastor said.

The pastor stood firm in his church's name, Agape.

"Agape means selfless love," said Pastor Docea. "The message of  selfless love will continue, regardless of where we are."

The iconic church was built in 1858. There is also a cemetery adjacent to the historic building. Both have sentimental value to those in the area.

"The treasures that we all built, you can't put a monetary amount on it," said Pastor Docea. "This Pewaukee treasure, it's hard to imagine what its worth. To me, it's priceless."

The deadline is Aug. 31 for Agape Community Church to vacate.

Meanwhile, a petition to save the church has been circulating. CLICK HERE to view that petition.

Agape Community Church, Pewaukee

For now, Pewaukee High School will serve as Agape's temporary home for Sunday service.

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