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‘Someone got hit by a car:’ Racine man killed while searching for his lost dog, who also died

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Tom Tishken

Tom Tishken

RACINE -- A Racine man was struck by a vehicle and killed while out searching for his lost dog on Friday, Aug. 23. His dog also died.

Tom Tishken was killed near Mount Pleasant and Young Court. He never made it home after heading out to look for his lost dog.

"We were always by the lake," said Marty Welbon, Tishken's best friend. "He treated everybody with respect."

"He was a really good guy," said Jack Welbon.

"We had split up when looking for our dogs that had gotten out," said Kristi Sokolowski, Tishken's fiancee.

In the time that he and his fiancee were apart, Tishken and his dog, Winchester, were struck and killed.

"I saw something in the street and cars around it," said Sokolowski. "I asked, 'What happened?' Someone said, 'Someone got hit by a car.'"

Tom Tishken

Tom Tishken

First responders tried to save him.

"They weren't giving up, and I appreciate everything," said Sokolowski.

Kristi Sokolowski, Tom Tishken

Kristi Sokolowski, Tom Tishken

Days later, loved ones were working to come to grips with the loss of someone so special.

"A friend to all," said Amy Tishken, Tom's sister. "No enemies."

"He just wanted to be there -- be there when he needed to, for sure," said Marty Welbon.

Tom Tishken

Tom Tishken

Those who knew Tom Tishken said they're motivated to live life to the fullest, without forgetting the life taken too soon.

"I'm going to continue to push forward, and make him proud every day," said Sokolowski.

Tom Tishken's family

The driver who struck Tishken, a man, 32, stayed at the scene, and was cooperating with police.

Loved ones scheduled a ceremony Thursday, Aug. 29 honoring Tishken's life.

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