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‘I’m so drunk it doesn’t matter:’ Waupun man charged with threatening, resisting officer

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Gregory Spittel

WAUPUN -- A 30-year-old Waupun man was charged after police say he was combative and threw a whiskey bottle at officers. When police arrived at Gregory Spittel's home, they say they also found his grandmother suffering from a serious head wound.

Spittel is charged with the following criminal counts:

  • Threat to a law enforcement officer
  • Resisting an officer
  • Disorderly conduct

According to the criminal complaint, officers were dispatched to Spittel's home on Brandon Street in Waupun shortly before 9 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 24. When officers arrived on the scene, they "noted the disarray of the home and could hear screaming coming from the back of the residence. There was broken glass on the floor, furniture upturned, food on the ground, and items that appeared to have been thrown from their original places."

"The behavior of the defendant is extremely disturbing. Very egregious," said the court commissioner.

Gregory Spittel

The complaint says officers came across Spittel when they looked into the basement. Spittel was wearing only underwear and screaming. Officers indicated they tried to get Spittel to calm down but "he continued to scream." Officers also noted "a strong odor of intoxicants coming from Spittel and he seemed unsteady on his feet."

"He was confrontational and non-compliant with the officers," said Waupun Police Chief Scott Louden.

Waupun police: 30-year-old man in custody, combative with police during investigation

Waupun police: 30-year-old man in custody, combative with police during investigation

At one point, the complaint says Spittel grabbed a plastic bottle of Fireball Whisky "and began to take swigs of it in between screaming." He continued "throwing items from the counter onto the floor and kicking items on the floor." Officers then called for backup.

Eventually, officers attempted to take Spittel into custody. Spittel "grabbed a couch cushion and threw it" at one of the officers. The complaint says Spittel also threw a bottle of liquor at the officer. At that point, the officer activated his taser and put Spittel in handcuffs.

Waupun police: 30-year-old man in custody, combative with police during investigation

Waupun police: 30-year-old man in custody, combative with police during investigation

As medical personnel provided medical assistance to a 75-year-old woman in the basement of Spittel's home, Spittel continued to be uncooperative. As he was being escorted to a patrol vehicle, the complaint says "Spittel screamed profanities" and "indicated he was in pain as his handcuffs were too tight." The officer "checked (Spittel's) handcuffs for fit and readjusted them before they were safety locked. While in the back seat of the squad, Spittel screamed, "(Expletive) you all, (expletive) the Waupun Police Department" as well as "I'm so drunk it doesn't matter."

The 75-year-old Mayville woman in the basement of the residence was reported to have an obvious head injury. She was taken to the Waupun Memorial Hospital and then Flown to ThedaCare Regional Medical Center.

Neighbors told FOX6 News they were shocked to learn the news.

"He was a nice young man when I first met him. I met him only once," one neighbor said.

Spittel is being held on a $20,000 bond.

Waupun police say the case remains open and charges could still be pending for what happened to the 75-year-old woman.

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