Nest’s new package detection, Yelp gets personalized and Mario Kart on your phone

Google's doorbell camera is getting a package detection feature, Yelp gets more personalized and Mario Kart heads towards your smartphone.

Nest Hello Package Detection

Google’s Nest Hello video doorbell is getting a new package detection feature!  The camera will now recognize when a package is delivered to your doorstep. It will then send a notification to your smartphone.

This way you know exactly when your item is delivered and you can keep an eye on it if you’re not home.

Google says the feature was one of the most requested by its users.

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It does require a subscription to Nest Aware, which starts at $50 a year.

The feature is similar to what Amazon does in many cases, which is send you a picture of your delivery when it’s completed.

Video doorbell leader Ring does not have package detection but the doorbell can alert you when someone gets close to your front door.

Yelp is Getting More Personalized

Yelp is adding a new way to make your search results more personalized!

Starting now, you can choose your preferences, then when you look at the Yelp home screen or do a search results will be tailored for you.

You can choose dietary preferences, including keto and vegetarian.

Whether you’re a parent or homeowner, the types of food you like and the activities you like to do choose from mini golf, beaches bowling and more.

And no need to worry about excluding awesome places just because they don’t fit your profile, Yelp is using their smarts to make sure you still see top picks!

Yelp will now show a heart logo when a pick is personalized and information on why they choose that place for you.

The feature is rolling out to iOS Yelp users now, while Android users will get it next year!

Mario Kart is Hitting Smartphones 

Nintendo’s popular racing game Mario Kart will be the next to hit smartphones! Mario Kart Tour will be available starting September 25.

The new mobile game takes players to racing areas inspired by actual locations, including New York, Tokyo and Paris. Plus, characters will also take on some flair from those cities

The game is free to start playing if it’s like Nintendo’s other mobile games, you’ll have to pay to keep playing after a certain level.

You can pre-register for the game right now in the App Store and Google Play that way you’ll get a notification as soon as it’s available for download on September 25.

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