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Packers, Brewers, and Bucks alumni will honor veterans on ‘Flight of Champions’ trip

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MILWAUKEE -- It doesn't often happen that the three biggest professional sports franchises in the state team up. But when you are talking about honoring American heroes, the three different sports teams are ready to jump in.

"One day, two cities, and three teams," said Paula Nelson, president of the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight.

The day will be Oct. 19, the two cities are Green Bay and Milwaukee -- and as for the three teams:

"The Green Bay Packers, The Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Bucks are actually teaming up with Stars and Stripes Honor Flight," said Nelson.

Flight of Champions

Flight of Champions

There will be three flights with Wisconsin veterans on that day heading to Washington, D.C. Two from Milwaukee, and one from Green Bay.

The so-called "Flight of Champions" will have former players from each organization.

Flight of Champions

"The sole purpose of of our collaboration is to give more veterans their day of honor to thank them for their service to their country, and give them a day that they will not soon forget," Nelson said.

Excited might be an understatement for how the former players are feeling.

Jarrett Bush

"This event is going to be special for all of us," said Jerry Augustine, Brewers alumni.

"Just to share this beautiful moment, it's a very powerful movement, a very beautiful thing for all these remarkable people to come together in one moment," said Jarrett Bush, Packers alumni.

"If there is anything else that I can do to make things better that day for you guys or any of the other guys on this flight, I'd be honored to do it," said Dick Garrett, Bucks alumni.

Dick Garrett

"It is really an honor to be with you guys and to be invited to be a part of this honor flight to here some of the stories and to join you is an opportunity that I never imagined I be able to be a part of," said Steve Novak, Bucks alumni.

Veteran Randy Zemel already went on his honor flight, and knows for what the next group will soon go through.

Flight of Champions

Flight of Champions

"They might have said we earned it but this is a gift that there's no, no price on this," said Zemel.

That gift, coming with an added bonus.

"To see these sports heroes on there supporting then, they know they'll know they are loved by everybody," Zemel said. "They got the biggest heart of all -- as far as I'm concerned -- paying it forward and giving back to us veterans and flying veterans -- it's certainly going to be a flight of heroes, a flight of champions."

The Stars and Stripes Honor Flight says they have started filling all three planes. To learn more about the Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, CLICK HERE.

Flight of Champions

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