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SE Wisconsin Red Cross volunteers head to Florida for Hurricane Dorian relief

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American Red Cross Wisconsin Region sends relief for Hurricane Dorian

MILWAUKEE -- Roughly a dozen volunteers with the American Red Cross Wisconsin Region made their way to Jacksonville, Florida before Hurricane Dorian makes landfall.

In a few days, the storm may grow in strength to potentially become a Category 4 hurricane.

"Get on an airplane, get out of here about 1 p.m., and go down to Jacksonville," said Owen Gaffney, volunteer.

Owen "Skip" Gaffney is looking to put himself in the storm's path.

Owen Gaffney

"We'll probably be setting up a shelter and a feeding place," Gaffney said.

A volunteer with the Red Cross, Gaffney will become the latest of nearly a dozen volunteers from the area to help locals prepare for the storm.

"There's a lot of rain and a lot of wind right now, as far as I know," said Gaffney.

While it's still unknown how strong the storm will be once it makes landfall, being able to think critically on your feet is what officials say they're trained for.

"He could go pretty much anywhere in the state. We'll have people going across Florida, and we are in contact with people in Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, for whatever the needs may be there," said Justin Kern, American Red Cross.

American Red Cross Wisconsin Region sends relief for Hurricane Dorian

Initially, Gaffney will be tasked with setting up shelter and food for victims, but there's something he also does.

"A lot of times they just need somebody to talk to, to dump on," said Gaffney. "You just sit there and listen. This is the worst part of their life, ever, and they just want somebody to dump on and talk to.

If you'd like to donate to the American Red Cross through donations or by volunteering your time, CLICK HERE.

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