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‘Sunny days, cool nights:’ After a rough start, apple picking season is finally here 🍎

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FREDONIA -- Heading into September, many were thinking fall, and that means apple picking season is finally here! The rainy spring provided a setback for one orchard in Fredonia.

"We've never blossomed that late," said Nick Bares, co-owner of Appleland Orchard. "I mean, ever. I wasn't very optimistic at the start of the season, just because of the bad weather we had."

Appleland Orchard in FredoniaThe owners at Appleland Orchard in Fredonia said the heavy rain mixed with cold in the spring upset the apple cart.

While the orchard was officially open when FOX6 News stopped by on Saturday, Aug. 31, they were 10 days behind schedule.

"We have a lot of trees that are suffering due to being over-watered," said Jacob Bares, co-owner of Appleland. "It's making them sick."

The weather hurt several tree varieties, and also made it hard to keep diseases away, but luckily, the trees perked up in July. Those apples were being delivered to grocery stores.

Appleland Orchard in Fredonia

"They're nice size, nice color, and they taste really well," said Jacob Bares.

"Sunny days, cool nights -- it's advancing the crop a little bit now," said Nick Bares.

Appleland Orchard in Fredonia

Harvesters said they were hoping for a dry fall with few mosquitoes -- but they worried an early frost could cut the harvest short.

"Mother Nature has wrenches all the time she throws in," said Nick Bares.

Appleland Orchard in Fredonia

If you want to come out and pick your own apples, you can do that in the middle of September during the Appleland Fall Festival. The festival takes place on Sept. 21 and 22. You can learn more HERE.

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