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A colorful hair trend kids can have fun with: Help add a pop of color to your child’s hair

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MILWAUKEE -- Whether they're heading to a pep rally or just to class -- kids are going crazy for colors this school year. Jonelle Todd joins Real Milwaukee with how parents can help their kids achieve this trendy temporary hairstyle.

Pop color is great if you're looking for something that is semi-permanent.

  • We can apply this at Supercuts, and the color will last a couple weeks.
  • It works best on blonde or light hair. If you have darker hair, it will just sit on the cuticle. So, you may have to alter your hair color before using this one.
  • Pop color will fade after multiple washes.

For something even more temporary:

  • Hair chalk is a great choice if you want to give your hair a temporary colorful design.
  • You'll want to wet the hair first and then you can apply the chalk.
  • Another option you could also use is tinsel. This is another great way to add bits of color.

Spiker gel is a great way to shape your hair and give it some color. It comes in a variety of colors.

  • It goes into your hair just like a gel. It has a really strong hold. If you want less of a hold, just add some water.
  • If you have thicker hair, you may need more gel to give it a stronger hold.
  • When you're done, wash it out like you would with any other gel.
  • Our Supercuts stylists can help apply all these temporary colors and give styling ideas.

Spray-in colors:

  • Spray-in color is great for pep rallies and sporting events.
  • It's as easy as spraying the color into your hair, just like you would apply hair spray.
  • When you want the color out, you just have to wash your hair once.
  • If you have blonde or lighter colored hair, it may take a couple washes for the color to come out.
  • I also recommend using a clarifying shampoo when washing this out. It`s a stronger shampoo that breaks down the product.
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