Yelich’s knee injury is not career-ending, but it will likely be months before he’s back at bat

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MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Brewers faithful fans are holding their breath waiting to learn more about Christian Yelich's season-ending injury. The MVP fractured his kneecap while at bat against the Miami Marlins Tuesday night, Sept. 10.

The good news is it's not a career-ending injury. The bad news is it will be months before Yelich steps back up to the plate.

When Yelich went down, the hearts of Brewers fans dropped right along with him.

MIAMI, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 10: Christian Yelich #22 of the Milwaukee Brewers is checked out by the medical staff after an injury from ball deflection in the first inning against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park on September 10, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

"I was hoping he was just going to get up and walk it off... because he's Superman," said Patrick Guenther, one of the owners of Kelly's Bleachers.

The MVP fouled a ball off his right leg. An x-ray revealed the impact fractured his kneecap.

Craig Counsell

"He's down, he's disappointed, he's crushed. It's awful news," said Milwaukee Brewers Manager Craig Counsell.

Yelich needs to be evaluated in Milwaukee, but the Brewers have already said he's out for the rest of the season.

"The biology is it just takes time for these to heal," said Dr. Jonathan Lester, orthopedic surgeon at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Dr. Jonathan Lester

Dr. Lester hasn't treated Yelich but he's seen this injury many times before.

"This is by no means a career ender," Dr. Lester said. "Plenty of people have injuries like this and get back to professional sports."

Dr. Lester said Yelich's recovery time will depend on whether his kneecap is fractured or fractured and displaced, which would require surgery.

"Even if it's non-operative, you have this extended healing of three to six months, which takes us to December after the season," said Dr. Lester.

Once the bone heals, Dr. Lester said athletes rebuild muscle and flexibility faster than the average person -- putting the Brew Crew's comeback kid on the fast track to home plate.

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