Mom of the Year dressed up as a massive pink unicorn to surprise her daughter at the bus stop

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SPRING, Texas — And the award for Most Fun Mom goes to…Somer Scandridge of Spring, Texas!

Scandridge and her husband always match their children’s Halloween costumes. He matches their son, Hudson, 4, and she matches their daughter, Madison, 6.

This year’s costume of choice for Madison? A unicorn. And when Scandridge’s costume came earlier than expected, right before Madison was about to come home from school on Friday, Sept. 13, Scandridge knew what she had to do.

“She’s young, and I knew she would absolutely love it,” said Scandridge.

Scandridge donned the giant pink and rainbow unicorn costume and danced down the street to the bus stop while her husband filmed — dog in tow, and Hudson trailing behind, saying, “Mama, you look like a real unicorn!”

The bus driver spotted Scandridge from a few yards away and started honking in support. When it finally pulled to a stop, the video showed Madison dashing out — the first person off the bus — running into her mom’s arms, totally cracking up.

In case there was any doubt about Madison’s love of unicorns, the video showed her carrying a unicorn backpack, wearing a unicorn headband. That’s true love.

So, yes, Scandridge’s instincts were completely correct. Madison definitely loved it.

Scandridge said she and her husband always try to do spontaneous things with the family, though she admitted that if her daughter were older, the reaction may have been different.

Still, doing these kinds of things is important to her, she said. Kids nowadays grow up too fast, and she doesn’t want her kids to be like that. Seeing Madison jump off the bus and scream, rather than walking past her in embarrassment, was meaningful.

“It’s important to let them smile, and be happy, and do fun things, and not have an attitude,” she said.

Judging from the giant grin on Madison’s face, it’s safe to say she’ll be doing fun things like this for a long time.

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