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School custodian gets down on floor to help student having a rough day

ALVIN, TX — A custodian jumped into action when a student was having a rough day at school.

Kenlee, a fourth-grader at Passmore Elementary, has autism, KTRK reported. Noise at school was bothering her, so she got down on the floor and covered herself up with a blanket.

Mrs. Esther, a custodian at the school, got on the floor with Kenlee and held the student.

“Kenlee adores Mrs. Esther,” Hollie Bellew-Shaw, Kenlee’s mother, said. “She always greets my daughter with kind words and a hug which is so special to her.”

Kenlee runs up to Mrs. Esther and gives her a hug each time she sees her, according to KTRK.

“This goes to show you that a kind word, a hug, and a little compassion are all it takes to make a huge difference in a child’s life,” the Alvin Independent School District wrote on Facebook.

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