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‘Need to be protective:’ Third Ward residents have mixed feelings about possible Dollar General Express store

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MILWAUKEE -- A proposed Dollar General Express store could open up in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward. The proposal for "DGX" is getting plenty of opposition from businesses and people who live nearby.

Mary Beth Waite

Many businesses along Broadway have signs showing opposition.

Some people think a store like Dollar General Express -- or DGX -- would be a great addition to the area.

"This is a defined ambiance, and we need to be protective," said Mary Beth Waite, Cornerstone Realtors. "One inappropriate business could be a waterfall effect to ruin it."

Many walking down Broadway in the Historic Third Ward took notice of the boutiques and bistros, creating a certain atmosphere within the block. But many are worried a proposed Dollar General Express could ruin that.

Dollar General controversy

Dollar General controversy

"It's not meant to be a convenience store on Broadway," said Waite.

The store, DGX, would sell things like groceries and home goods. It would be located on Broadway -- and many people have a problem with that.

"I just think it would add an unusual element," said Lisa Bailey, a tourist. "Like, why is the Dollar General here? I just think it would work better in a different location.

"They're not saying no to the store, they're saying no to the store there," said Waite.

Dollar General controversy

Gabrielle Beesley

Several businesses and residents say they want to protect the history of the Third Ward, but some think the store would be a great way to create diversity in the area.

"It's affordable, and a lot of businesses around here are not affordable," said Gabrielle Beesley, who works nearby.

Beesley says there's nothing like DGX around where she works. She hopes the DGX store will move in and believes the change could be good.

"I'd probably use it every day, honestly," said Beesley.

While mixed feelings surrounding the DGX are obvious, most hope some type of business will move in soon. The Historic Third Ward Association says Dollar General still has to apply for a food, beer and wine license. Then, there will be a public hearing in front of the city council.

Dollar General controversy

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