Jury convicts West Bend man accused of sexual assault, threatening woman; 400 animals found in home

Jason Littel

WEST BEND — A West Bend man, facing multiple charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at a cabin in the Town of East Troy was convicted by a jury on multiple counts on Wednesday, Oct. 2. As part of this investigation, when authorities showed up at Jason Littel’s home, 400 animals, including snakes, mice, and small reptiles were seized.

Littel, 44, was convicted of five counts of first-degree sexual assault, use of a dangerous weapon, lifetime supervision of serious sex offenses, and one count of false imprisonment, use of a dangerous weapon.

Following sentencing, he was ordered held without bond, with sentencing scheduled for Dec. 3.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman told police she met with Littel on May 30, 2018, at a cabin in East Troy. Once inside the residence, the complaint indicated Littel pushed the woman onto a bed, climbed on top of her, and pulled out a gun. He pointed the gun at the woman, “telling her he was going to kill her.” The victim told police Littel also “pointed the gun at himself, stating he was going to make her watch him die.”

Jason Littel

The woman indicated in the complaint that Littel struck her, sexually assaulted her, and forced her to drink alcohol. She told police “she feared he would kill her.”

Town of East Troy home where Jason Littel allegedly assaulted victim

Workers remove snakes, mice, and more from home in West Bend

Jason Littel

Eventually, the two ended up back at a home in West Bend. After Littel left, the woman called police, the complaint indicated.

When police later contacted Littel, he “stated that nothing physical occurred between the two.”

Officials showed up at his West Bend home and found hundreds of snakes, mice, and other reptiles.

Workers remove snakes, mice, and more from home in West Bend

Those animals were now being cared for at the Washington County Humane Society.

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