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This cheetah cub’s new surrogate sibling is a rescue dog — and they get on like the best of friends

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Kris the cheetah is 3 months old. Her best friend is a rescue dog named Remus.

When watching Kris and Remus romp and play, you might think they’re a casual pairing of fast friends. In reality, the choice to bring the two together was very deliberate.

Kris was the only surviving cub from her litter, so she was raised with no siblings.

That’s where Remus comes in.

Zookeepers at the Cincinnati Zoo introduced the canine for companionship and said they selected him because he is good-natured and highly energetic.

Officials said, “In our program alone, we have had six successful cheetah dog pairings.”

The cheetah and dog dictate how long they stay together, which depends on their individual personalities. Usually, cheetahs will venture on their own away from their mother and siblings when they reach 2 years of age, and sometimes this is the age where the dog and cheetah will separate as well.

For now, though, these two are best of friends.

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