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‘People get desperate:’ Police say cough led to attack at convenience store in Houston

HOUSTON — It’s hard to believe, but police said an attack at a convenience store in Houston started over a cough. Surveillance video showed two people shoving and kicking the woman at the Valero on Lockwood Drive near Kelley Street in northeast Houston.

The video showed a 24-year-old woman named Ashley sitting next to a man and woman to hit the slots. She coughed, and that woman yelled at her for doing so.

The victim asked the manager if he could ask the couple to leave, and that’s when the woman attacked, grabbing the victim’s hair, and yanking her to the ground. She continued to punch and kick her, grabbing her purse, cash, and cellphone.

“I just would hate to think if my mama would come here and something happens to her, you know?” said Lloyd Stapleton, Valero customer. “I’d be really upset.”

The whole ordeal took place in front of a child who was being held by an adult at the slot machines.

“A lot of people are in financial problems, and you got people on drugs to add to it,” said Stapleton. “It’s close to the holidays so, you know, it’s best everybody keeps their eyes open. When it gets close to the holidays, people get desperate.”

The attackers got away in a dark SUV.

Anyone with information was asked to call Crime Stoppers or police.

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