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‘She didn’t give you a kiss?’ 2-year-old’s rant expressing displeasure with Mom goes viral

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — An adorable 2-year-old boy from Florida went viral after he expressed his displeasure towards his mother, who left for work without kissing him, his father, or his newborn sister goodbye.

Alexander Simos threw up his hands in disbelief and vented his frustration during an adorable exchange with his father.

Simos’ father, Christos, quickly took out his phone and began recording his son’s rant.

Christos Simos asked Alexander if Mom forgot to kiss him, to which he responded by nodding his head.

In a Facebook post, Alexander Simos’ mom, Diana Simos, said she was in a hurry to get to work after dropping her son off at home after soccer practice.

The heartwarming exchange garnered thousands of views on social media.

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