Snow potential and the coldest temps of fall move in Monday night 🌨️

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN — The coldest weather of fall is well on its way and is set to arrive Monday night into Tuesday morning. The upper atmosphere will be cold enough to support frozen precipitation — but at the ground, southeast Wisconsin is right on the fringe to see snow. There is still a chance!

Skyvision Plus look at Tuesday morning keeps Milwaukee in the rain while most of Wisconsin sees snow.

It’s still possible on the back end of the cold front we could see snow for a short period. We could easily see mixed precip transition to wet snow if the cold air dips slightly farther South Monday night.

Surface temperature Tuesday early morning.

Behind that cold front, the chilliest air of Fall plunges down from up North. The jet stream will be howling over us as all this cold air moves down throughout next week.

Coldest air of Fall swings in behind the cold front

Long term temperature outlooks continue to show signs of a well below-average start to November temperature-wise. This cold air won’t be going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Enjoy Sunday’s highs in the upper 50s as it looks like we’ll be lucky to get into the 40s by Thursday. Then Thursday night is when our next system comes in which gives us another chance for snow!

6-10 Day Temperature Trend

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