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Court documents: Domestic violence victims predicted their own deaths when talking with investigators

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The two women killed in two cases of domestic violence predicted their own deaths when talking with investigators, according to court documents obtained by WSMV. 

It’s chilling to read what Mayra Garcia and Temptress Peebles wrote just days before their murders. A WSMV investigation revealed their orders of protection were never served because the men couldn’t be found.

Garcia and Peebles both wrote that their boyfriends were, “Capable of killing me.”

Days after they swore out the warrants, the women were killed — police said at the hands of those ex-boyfriends.

WSMV found while the vast majority of orders of protection were served in 2019, 152 were not, including Garcia’s and Peebles’ — because the subjects couldn’t be located, despite repeated attempts.

“My staff had a very hard time with that, knowing that we did everything we could do with what we had,” said Shirley Bean, Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

Garcia and Peebles’ orders showed they weren’t just concerned.

Garcia wrote just seven days before her murder that Jermaine Agee hit her on the face several times. She was so afraid Agee would harm her, she had police escort her from her daughter’s school to the Family Safety Center where she filed her warrant.

Peebles wrote 12 days before she was murdered that Brandon Horton hit her in her face with his fist and started to choke her, writing, “Brandon has threatened to kill me before.”

As WSMV reported on Friday, Oct. 25, Agee’s case was particularly difficult for warrant officers. The order had no Nashville address for him, given that he lived out of state and Garcia had no idea where he was living.

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