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‘Very scary:’ Tenants who lived inside suspected drug house evicted; police find home filthy

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MILWAUKEE -- Tenants inside a suspected drug house in Milwaukee were evicted by the city Friday morning, Nov. 1. Authorities say the home was filthy and didn't have plumbing -- and neighbors say they're happy to see those tenants go.

Jordan Shabani

"Those kinds of activities being near where my kids are living... it wasn't good," said neighbor Jordan Shabani.

The last of the tenants inside were evicted Friday morning. City officials say at one point, as many as 15 people were living there. Neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief.

"It's very scary to see those kinds of things," said Shabani.

The home near 37th and Cherry is just feet from an elementary school.

Drug house near 37th and Cherry

Drug house near 37th and Cherry

"This is not acceptable. We need to understand these were individuals that were part of a negative environment for this neighborhood and for the city," said MPD Captain Jeffrey Norman.

Back in June, a search warrant was executed where police uncovered crack cocaine, heroin and evidence of prostitution. Images of the raid were released to FOX6. This investigation was launched when neighbors spoke up about the problem. A lawsuit was filed against landlord Brenden Julien for failing to abate a public nuisance drug house.

On Thursday, Julien's defense team agreed to a temporary restraining order on the property.

Drug house near 37th and Cherry

Drug house near 37th and Cherry

Brenden Julien in court

"We deem the property unfit for human habitation," said Mario Hernandez, Department of Neighborhood Services.

Once inside, authorities say they uncovered unsanitary conditions. There was no plumbing or heating. They say garbage and debris was everywhere. For legal reasons, our cameras were not allowed inside.

"This is a message to other landlords," said Norman. "[If] you have this type of behavior going on and it's not being addressed, we'll help you address it one way or another."

Drug house near 37th and Cherry

Mario Hernandez

The house is closed off from the public for now, but perhaps one day in the future, it will be home to a more welcomed neighbor.

"I would say we're happy," said Shabani.

The next hearing on this case is in December. Authorities say police will be checking to make sure no one breaks into the property.

Drug house near 37th and Cherry

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