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A San Diego State University student died after fraternity event, the university suspended 14 fraternities

SAN DEIGO — A San Diego State University student died after attending a fraternity event, the university president said Monday.

Dylan Hernandez, 19, was hospitalized Thursday, the morning after the fraternity event, the university announced. A day later, president Adela de la Torre suspended 14 fraternities under the Interfraternity Council (IFC). She also said police had uncovered information that “a fraternity was involved in possible misconduct.”

“As a mother, nothing can replace the profound loss of a child, and the devastating heartbreak the family and their loved ones are experiencing,” de la Torre said in a statement.

A San Diego State University student died after attending a fraternity event, the university president said.

A student told CNN affiliate KGTV Hernandez had fallen off his bunkbed that night but seemed to be asleep, so his friends helped him back to bed. In the morning, he was foaming at the mouth, the student told the news station.

Hernandez was “pulseless and apneic” when he was found by his roommate that morning, the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office said.

It is still unclear what the fraternity event was and how Hernandez was injured. CNN has reached out to the university for clarification but has not heard back.

“As part of the investigation process, officers are examining all aspects and details of the case involving the student who was hospitalized on Thursday,” the university said in a statement. “We understand that incidents prompt questions. To protect the integrity of the investigation, details are limited.”

Other fraternities were already suspended, under investigation

University police opened an investigation Friday following Hernandez’s hospitalization, de la Torre said.

“I am urging members of our campus community to please contact UPD as soon as possible if you have information about this case,” she said.

“Each of us, including our students, must uphold the highest standards that do not put the health and safety of anyone at risk,” she said, adding that all chapters under the university’s Interfraternity Council will remain suspended while officials consider next steps.

Six IFC fraternities were already suspended before the student’s death, the university said, and four others were under investigation.

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