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Happy ending for pooch that helped the Street Angels for a night in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE — There’s a happy ending for a pooch — thanks to the Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach.

A couple of evenings ago, the Street Angels stumbled across the lost puppy — and the brought him onto their bus. A Facebook post picks up the story from there:

“He helped us all night with getting meals together for our friends, hand out warm clothing, and gave lots of puppy kisses. In the meantime, we had to give him a name and found nothing more fitting than, Charlie! Charlie’s Angels! After outreach, we took him to a 24hour veterinary clinic and found that he wasn’t microchipped.  I took him home for the night where he had a warm bath and a good night sleep. He came to the office today and helped bring in donations as well as some yummy lasagna from the Hunger Task Force. It was just a few hours later, we found his owners on Facebook with a lost puppy post. Tonight, “Charlie,” a/k/a “Peluche” (spanish for Teddy Bear) is back home with his human family!”

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