9-year-old attempts to keep holiday spirit alive after thieves steal decorations twice from home

DOWNEY, Calif. — (KCAL/KCBS ) — A home in Downey, decked out for the holidays, has been visited by thieves not once, but twice.

Nickole Jones’ holiday decorations are beloved by neighbors, including 9-year-old Santiago Macias.

After some decorations were stolen from Jones’ yard last year, she decided she would no longer be decorating her home.

In October, Santiago found out that Jones would no longer be decorating her home, he wrote her a letter and donated $20 of his own money in hopes it would encourage her to continue decorating.

The letter wrote in part, “I think you should not stop decorating because I love your lights. I know children love it too.”

“I decided to donate the $20 to Nickole,” Santiago told CBSLA’s Dave Lopez.

Jones said the letter melted her heart and she quickly decorated her home.

“I was amazed,” said Santiago upon seeing Jones’ decorations. “It was the most prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

On Sunday evening, security footage captured a man opening the trunk of his car and stealing multiple decorations from Jones’ yard.

The act left Jones in disgust yet again. She said she hasn’t even thought about decorating for next year, but will leave the decor up for now.

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