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Woman accidentally loses $3,000 while delivering holiday gifts to neighborhood

YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) — Sandee Coffey is certainly not being a Scrooge this Christmas season, but a recent mix-up is leaving her with a little less Christmas spirit than she had before.

“That is a pretty big loss. It is going to sting a little bit,” Coffey said.

Earlier this week, Coffey went to more than 200 homes in and around the Timber Creek Estates community near Yukon, dropping off 2020 calendars for neighbors as season’s greetings.

“Perhaps somebody brought this into their home, and it is just unopened right now. Hoping for that rather than somebody just throwing it away,” Coffey said.

That’s because inside was much more than a holiday calendar.

“What was in that envelope was $3,000 in cash, all $100 bills,” Coffey said.

The snafu happening that morning when her bank deposit envelope accidentally got shuffled into the pile of more than 200 other calendar envelopes almost identical in shape and size.

“I tried to drive to the bank at 4:45 [p.m.] and was like, ‘Oh my goodness, where is that envelope?’ That is when I realized what I had done,” Coffey said.

She began backtracking, making another round to the homes, recruiting family and friends for the search, even putting out flyers explaining her costly mistake.

Sandee Coffey was busy delivering 2020 calendars when she said she mistakenly left an envelope with $3,000 in cash. She is asking for the safe return of the envelope.

“Many of the residents already picked up the calendars from their porch. Many didn’t come to the door. I respect that, I get that,” she said.

But Coffey is coming to terms with what happened, hoping someone comes forward. But if not, her only Christmas wish is, “If it doesn’t come back to me, it is going to hurt a little bit. If someone has it, I hope they needed it worse than I do.”

Sandee plans to contact the local police departments to see if anyone has reported the random cash.

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