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Woman says urn containing her late husband’s ashes was stolen in home break-in

**Embargo: Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA **
Mimi Lopez-Waverly said stained glass is all she has left to remember her husband by.

ROSEVILLE, California —  A break-in at a woman’s Roseville home Friday ended with an urn containing her late husband’s ashes being taken, according to KTXL.

Stained glass of a hummingbird sat on a nightstand in Mimi Lopez-Waverly’s bedroom. It was all she had left to remember her late husband, Michael.

“I have nothing left of him now. I have the memories but that’s just not enough for me,” Lopez-Waverly said.

For nearly four years, the frame stood alongside an urn containing Michael’s ashes. Then on Friday, police say a thief broke into Lopez-Waverly‘s Roseville home.

The thief swiped the urn and Michael’s wedding ring, among his other jewelry, from the nightstand.

“They could have taken anything,” Lopez-Waverly told FOX40. “I mean right now, if I could talk to them and say, ‘What do you want? You can have anything you want just bring him home.’”

**Embargo: Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA **
Mimi Lopez-Waverly said stained glass is all she has left to remember her husband by.

Lopez-Waverly said it was like losing the love of her life all over again.

The pair shared 13 married years together.

“I’m broken. My heart is in so many pieces,” Lopez-Waverly said. “I’ve gone back to that day one when my husband died, you know. I’m mourning and it’s just horrific.”

Keeping her husband’s ashes close by brought her comfort on the hard days that she said come more often around the holidays.

She said she fears his remains will be discarded in a trash can – or worse.

“This is where he belongs,” she said. “He doesn’t belong in a dumpster. He doesn’t belong somewhere out in the fields. It just breaks my heart to think and I can’t do anything about it.”

Shortly after Michael died, Lopez-Waverly moved to a quiet, gated community in Roseville, hoping she would find peace.

“I wanted to feel safe and I did feel safe until Friday,” she said.

Roseville police are asking people to keep their eyes open for the urn. Anyone who sees the urn can return it to any local fire station and can do so anonymously.

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