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Dog stayed by brother’s side after he was hit by a car, left on the side of the road

Brennan -- Dog struck by vehicle in Pasco County, Florida

Brennan -- Dog struck by vehicle in Pasco County, Florida

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — In Mac Steinmeyer’s fenced-in backyard, a yellow lab named Brennan soaked up the sun.

”Today, he walked about 40 feet all by himself, which just warmed my heart completely,” said Steinmeyer, a volunteer at Maxx and Me Rescue.

Brennan’s been doing a lot of that lately. His determination surprised Steinmeyer since just two weeks ago Brennan was hit by a car and left on the side of Darby Road in Dade city.

His knee, hip, and ankle are now completely limp from the impact.

“Every tendon, every ligament was ripped so his patella is just floating in there and it’s got to be pretty painful,” Steinmeyer said.

Brennan laid helplessly as he waited for someone to stop. But, he wasn’t alone.

His brother, a chocolate lab affectionately named Dale by rescuers, stayed by his side the entire time.

“That’s extraordinary, I know that there are spotted dogs that will not leave one another, we deal with that quite often,” said Steinmeyer. “But in this situation the dog stayed with him because of his injury.”

The dogs’ owner picked up Dale but left Brennan in the hands of Pasco County Animal services. Volunteers at Maxx and Me knew they needed to help save his life after one vet told them Brennan should be put down.

“Maxx and Me will raise money, we will give veterinarian care as it is needed and we will do so every time we can,” Steinmeyer said.

After he saw a specialist, they determined they can help Brennan. His surgery is Wednesday and Steinmeyer hopes this helps restore Brennan’s quality of life.

If you’d like to help with Brennan’s vet bills visit:

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