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Man has third-degree burns after vape battery exploded in pocket, ‘pants caught on fire’

Tyler Wiley

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KPTV) — A Vancouver man is recovering from severe burns after, he says, the battery to his vape pen exploded in his pocket.

18-year-old Tyler Wiley told FOX 12 this was some of the worst pain of his life.

It was a normal day at work Friday for Tyler. He was coming back inside Wendy’s from a quick smoke break but had no idea a battery for his vape pen was still inside his pocket.

“When I walked past the grill, my whole pants caught on fire. Like, they just exploded,” he said.

“It was terrible. I just heard him screaming on the phone the entire time,” Wiley’s girlfriend, Alexis Black said.

Doctors told Wiley he has third-degree burns and may need a skin graft after his pants melted to his skin. Walking is nearly impossible, Wiley said.

He’s been vaping for about a year and said he’s always purchased batteries recommended for his vape pen. However, Wiley tells FOX 12 he will never vape again.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says on their website that it’s unclear exactly why the e-cigarettes or vapes explode, but some evidence suggests battery-related issues may be at the heart of it.

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