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‘They took my babies:’ Woman says 10 French, English bulldogs stolen in home burglary

STOCKTON, Calif. — A California woman said someone stole 10 bulldogs from her family’s home in a bizarre burglary on Thursday, Dec. 19, and she offered a reward for their return.

“They took all of my babies,” said Angelina Lopez. “They took all of my dogs.”

Lopez just moved into the Stockton, California home two months ago. On Thursday, Dec. 19, she came home and immediately noticed something was wrong.

“So I noticed the lights were on, and the window, the blinds were all messed up,” said Lopez.

Her back door was wide open, the house ransacked.

“I can see clear in,” said Lopez. “I can see all of my cabinets are open. I can see from here, the fridge is open. Things are knocked down.”

She said someone or some people broke in.

“They picked this lock,” said Lopez.

She called police, but she didn’t hear any barking.

“So when the police came, I said, ‘Please, see if my dogs are in there’ because I didn’t hear anything,” said Lopez.

All 10 of her French and English bulldog family members were gone.

“Those are my babies,” said Lopez. “I raised those dogs. Like I said, I have mothers. I have grandmothers.”

Lopez said she keeps a close eye on the dogs, only letting them out to go to the bathroom, but the dogs do have a social media presence, with more than 10,000 followers. Lopez said she thinks someone was watching her house.

“They were here, mainly, for my dogs,” said Lopez. “These are my babies. They’re not just some dollar sign.”

She offered a reward to bring her family members home.

“There’s no way you get out of here with 10 dogs Scott free,” said Lopez. “There’s no way.”

Lopez filed a police report with the Stockton Police Department and asked that anyone with information on the whereabouts of her dogs to please call police.

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