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Woman tries to return items to owners after finding them in her stolen SUV

Angie Rose's stolen vehicle was recently returned to her by police only for her to find drug paraphernalia and a number of stolen items still in the car.

SHAWNEE, Kan. (KCTV) — A Shawnee woman’s stolen vehicle was recently returned to her by police only for her to find drug paraphernalia and a number of stolen items still in the car.

Now, she is now taking on the hard task of tracking down the owners of some of the items that were taken.

The woman, who goes by Angie Rose, didn’t want to be shown on camera but said this all started when she was trying to get her vehicle fixed by a friend.

“The three things I own in this world is this Tahoe, a TV, and my dog,” she said.

On Dec. 12, one of those three was taken: The Chevrolet Tahoe. It was stolen in Kansas City where she was having it repaired.

“Well, the truck was found coming from Kansas City to Leavenworth,” she said.

Leavenworth police had it brought back to the Kansas City Police Department.

She got the truck back yesterday but learned the outside isn’t in the same condition.

“It still runs fine,” she noted. “Apparently one of the headlights isn’t working. That’s damaged. The bumper is all messed up.”

Then there’s what was left inside the vehicle: a whole bunch of drug paraphernalia, and packages and items believed to be stolen from a number of people. The deeper she dug, the more cringe-worthy the items.

“There is a plastic pipe that belongs to the end of that, I guess,” she said. “I don’t know how you use it, but it’s there and that’s meth residue and that’s either dabs or burnt meth.”

“Random Christmas light holders, which we are not going to be able to find the owner of,” she said. “Random backpack won’t be able to find the owner of because it’s so non-descriptive. This is someone’s tablet that they very clearly cut up drugs on.”

“A lot of the mail itself was stolen from Gladstone though around 6th Street in Gladstone, actually,” she added.

For the items that did remain in decent condition, she’s now trying to find the owners. She posted on social media saying, in part, “If you got porch pirated this past week from KCMO to Leavenworth KS, drop your name and what you’re missing cuz the twakstars that stole my truck VERY OBVIOUSLY porch pirated a LOT of people.”

Kailey Enlow said that her Amazon packages were recently stolen from her Independence home, so when she saw the post, she took a long shot and reached out.

“Oh my gosh, there’s crazy amount of stuff,” she said. “We sent her the list of the things that were missing, which were two speakers and a Scentsy, as well as a pair of shoes.”

There was no luck on the Scentsy or the shoes, but the speakers were in the pile.

“I’m glad that there’s still good people out here,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rose just hopes she can help more people.

“I don’t really want people to end up in the same situation, even if there is at least closure,” she said. “Even if it’s, ‘Oh, I have it but it’s destroyed beyond belief,’ at least they know where it is and they are not still holding out false hope.”

Many theft victims have reached out to Rose. She said she’ll only return the items to people who can prove the items are theirs.

KCTV5 News reached out to police to see whether all that stuff should have been left in the vehicle when it was returned. Since the vehicle was stolen in Kansas City but recovered in Leavenworth, we reached out to both police departments and got two different answers.

The KCPD said, in part, “If a stolen auto taken from Kansas City was recovered in an outside agency it would be the discretion of the detective if the vehicle would be released to the victim.”

Meanwhile, the Leavenworth Police Department said, in part, “We don’t clean when vehicles are recovered unless given reason to and firsthand knowledge of the situation. If we recover a vehicle from another jurisdiction, we contact them and defer to the original agency.”

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