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‘God was ready for him:’ Boy killed in Christmas hit-and-run saves at least 2 lives with donated organs

ROBERTSON COUNTY, Texas — The parents of a Texas 6-year-old who passed away after being hit by a truck on Christmas morning decided to donate his organs amid their unimaginable grief, and saved at least two lives in the process.

Amber and Shane Howell said their son, Triton, had a heart of gold and a giving spirit.

“I wanted my kids to experience life… and be outside… be with each other… and have something we could do as a family,” said Amber Howell.

The Howells bought their boys four wheelers for Christmas, a gift they’d long been asking for.

“I think God was just ready for him,” said Amber Howell.

The parents built a track in their 7-acre yard for the boys to drive around in. Sadly, things took a turn for the worst.

“Next thing I know, Triton comes driving by, and I start running behind yelling, ‘STOP TY, STOP,’ because he’s headed towards the road and I couldn’t, I couldn’t catch him,” said Shane Howell.

Triton was hit by a truck. Although he was wearing his helmet, he later passed away at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.

“He was my baby that always sat by and told me, ‘Mama, I’m never leaving you,'” said Amber Howell. “I told him he just had to make sure he watched over us and make sure he didn’t have too much fun without me.”

Triton was the middle child who loved to dance and had dreams of being a cowboy when he grew up. He was also always ready to help people. That’s why his parents made the decision to donate Triton’s organs.

“That’s what Ty would’ve wanted, to save somebody or help somebody, and whenever you sit back and you think, ‘Hey, we’re not gonna get our baby back,’ we can give somebody else the opportunity to get some time with their babies.”

The Howells said they weren’t holding anything against the woman that hit their son and drove off.

“We hold nothing against her,” said Amber Howell. “This was not her fault, and I want her to know we forgive her and that Triton would have not ever held anything against her.”

The family said they wanted to thank the community for the overwhelming support in the wake of this devastating tragedy.

“Everybody supporting you is beyond words and how much that means to us,” the Howells said. “I still feel like he’s gonna come running in this door and give me a hug one more time.”

The family scheduled a dance party to celebrate Triton’s life Friday, Jan. 3.

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