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‘It broke our hearts:’ Crate full of dogs found abandoned in front of shelter on New Year’s Eve

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Veterinarians in Brevard County, Florida are nursing eight neglected dogs back to health after they were abandoned in front of a shelter — found on New Year’s Eve.

SPCA staff said when they got the dogs Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 31, they were in bad shape, and worked into the night to shave excess fur off them.

Brevard Sheriff’s Office animal services called the SPCA on Tuesday morning after finding a crate full of dogs in front of its Melbourne shelter.

“It was probably overnight at some point because they were there when they arrived,” said Susan Naylor with the SPCA of Brevard. “They are not in great condition. They’re completely matted. Some of them have some more serious things. We have two that had to have blood transfusions. (There is) one that were kind of concerned may not make it.”

The dogs’ fur was so tightly compacted, it cut off circulation to some of the dogs’ limbs and caused other medical issues.

Naylor started a Facebook live video to ask for volunteers once the dogs arrived at the adoption center.

“When the doors opened from the van, we all kind of gasped a little bit,” said Naylor. “We knew that they were in bad shape, but we didn’t know it was this bad, and it just broke our hearts that somebody would let this happen.”

Neither the SPCA nor the Sheriff’s Office were immediately aware of who owned the eight Lhasa Apso-type dogs, but experts believe they were severely neglected.

“We were expecting a little bit different of a day, but you know, things happen for a reason, and so we’re happy to stay here, and we’re happy to help them have a wonderful near year,” Naylor said.

Naylor said the goal was to get the dogs well enough to be fostered out as soon as Thursday, Jan. 2.

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