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Milwaukee leaders ponder adding 60¢ fee to food delivery services for road repairs

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MILWAUKEE -- The next time you pick up the phone for Uber Eats or Grubhub or DoorDash, some city leaders in Milwaukee want you to also kick in a few extra cents for road repairs.

Volodymyr Hreshko

Hungry college student Volodymyr Hreshko uses food delivery services like Uber Eats several times a week -- so he can dine in and study at home. But there is one thing he cannot stomach.

"That's a pretty big fee to be honest," Hreshko said.

Alderwoman Nikiya Dodd is proposing a 60 -cent flat fee tacked onto your delivery bill. The idea was chewed on during Wednesday's Public Works Committee meeting at Milwaukee City Hall. But just like dinner, the fee is ultimately tabled by the committee.

Lena Taylor

State Senator and mayoral candidate Lena Taylor said the 60-cent fee would cover road maintenance issues like potholes. Taylor said truckers and taxi services pay fees to the city to use our roads. But online food delivery services do not.

"These people don't pay and they should. And you have the power to make them pay," Taylor said.

City attorneys are not so sure.

"It is not currently drafted in a way that is legal and enforceable," said Adam Stevens, Deputy City Attorney.

Groups like the Wisconsin Restaurant Association, The Internet Association, Tech Net, and notably Uber Eats have all submitted written comments opposing the fee.

"Only applies to hot food delivery services. These are for the most part people who can afford to eat out," said Sylvia Ortiz-Velez, Milwaukee County Supervisor.

Again, the committee did not take action on the item but will look into it further -- and possibly consider it again in the future.

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