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‘Help me!’ Suspected burglar called 911 when rack of tires trapped him in the store he broke into

BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. — What works better at keeping thieves away than security systems? At a store in Georgia, a rack of tires did the job so effectively, the burglar ended up calling 911.

Judging from his booking photo, some might say Nathaniel King is a colorful character. The 30-year-old probably should’ve steered another way Sunday, Jan. 5 when police said he broke through the rear door of a tire shop. On the other side was a towering rack of tires waiting to greet him.

“When the suspect made entry, as he came inside the business, the tires fell on top of him trapping him inside,” Michael Bettikofer, Cartersville police.

Buried under many pounds of rubber, police said the man was in a desperate situation. The business was closed. The only option was 911.

“Bartow County 911. What’s the address of your emergency?” the dispatcher said.

“I’m in Cartersville, Cartersville Georgia,” said King.

“Where are you at?” the dispatcher asked. “Hello, Bartow County 911.”

“Help me!” said King.

“Okay, where are you, sir?” the dispatcher asked.

“I’m in a tire shop in Cartersville,” said King.

“Okay, can you tell me what exactly what is wrong?” the dispatcher said. “Sir, can you hear me?”

“I think the tire rack is going to kill me,” said King.

Sparing no time, a police officer answered the call — finding King under pressure.

“He observed the suspect underneath the tires, yelling for help,” said Bettikofer. “The officer was eventually able to make entry into that business and get the tires off him and get him out.”

He apparently told the officer he was being chased.

“And he made entry into that business to get away from whoever he was being chased from,” said King.

Police said they found no evidence of that chase.

King suffered no injuries in the ordeal — except, maybe, to his pride. He was jailed on trespassing charges.

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