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‘You are going to get cut:’ California woman says she found razor blades under car door handle

Kristen Dalton

TEMECULA, Calif. — It sounds like an urban legend or something out of a horror movie.

A California woman found razor blades under her vehicle’s door handle.

The four blades were glued together with the sharp edges facing both up and down.

Kristen Dalton said she believes she was targeted randomly because she couldn’t think of anyone who would be motivated to harm her. She said she’s glad she reached under her handle gently because the blades were positioned to easily cause harm.

“So no matter if you grab the handle from underneath or on top, then you are going to get cut by the blades,” said Dalton.

Police in Temecula also got a call the following day about a razor blade placed on the grill of a parked car.

They don’t believe the incidents were related.

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