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Main reasons people fail at their New Year’s resolutions, tips to stay on track

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MILWAUKEE -- We're halfway through the first month of the new year -- and now is the time when many people start giving up on their fitness resolutions. Mike Vanausdall, a personal trainer at Life Time in Brookfield, joins FOX6 WakeUp with some ways to stay on track.

The main reasons people fail at their resolutions:

  • Lack of time. We’re busier than we have ever been and it seems like each year it gets worse and there are more things in this world that require our attention
  • We are more tired this time of year. As the days shorten and darkness extends, our daily rhythms adjust sending us signals that it is time to rest not play
  • Willpower. It takes a lot of willpower to change your habits
  • Motivation. Americans spend a majority of their time working, commuting and doing household or family-related chores; spare time is hard to come by

Top tip for how we can be better with our resolutions this year? 

  • Tip number one: Find a support system for accountability!
  • So, if it’s fitness related, find a personal trainer you like, a run club or a group fitness class you really enjoy. A group or buddy system will keep you coming back. Plus it’s fun! I see this every day at work.
  • If it’s family-related or a personal goal, share it on social media or with a close family member or friend! This adds that accountability. Be sure to have that person follow up and check-in with you to ensure you’re keeping on track with your goal

How about the resolutions? Should resolutions be broad or specific?    

  • At Life Time they emphasize setting specific and measurable goals.
  • A resolution like “lose weight” or “be happier” isn’t very specific or helpful.
  • Instead, focus on positive actions you can take or specific numbers. Something like, “Work out three times a week” or “Meditate for five minutes a day” – those are much more helpful and achievable.
  • Then, once you have your specific goal, you need to create a game plan of smaller steps and details to get you there.
  • So, if it’s “lose 25 pounds by the end of the year” your first step could be finding a fitness or meal plan that’s going to guide you there.

Other tips  for healthy New Year’s resolutions:

  • Schedule it in. It’s harder to make excuses when you’ve scheduled in time for your healthy habits, keep yourself even more accountable by using a personal trainer or finding a workout friend. Add time to your calendar and treat it like any other meeting or task.
  • Switch up your routine. If you’re feeling stuck or bored with your workout, try a new fitness class or workout routine!
  • Aim for 80% compliance.No one is perfect and we all need to cheat every once in awhile, but don’t let that allow you to slip completely.

Basic movements people do with a poor form:

  • Squat
  • Pushup
  • Plank
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