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FedEx driver delivered more than a customer’s package, shoveling snow off the stoop

MANISTIQUE, Mich. — A delivery driver’s good deed is being shared with the world, thanks to a doorbell camera.

A FedEx driver delivering in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was dropping off a package for Jodi LaFreniere at her Manistique home Thursday morning, Jan. 23.

LaFreniere, a kindergarten teacher, told CNN she was at school when she got an alert on her phone from her doorbell camera.

“I was wondering who was at my house since my fiance was away in Alaska, teaching,” she said.

When she went to look at the alert, she saw the FedEx delivery driver shoveling the snow on her front porch.

The video showed the driver carrying LaFreniere’s package to her front door — stopping in his tracks once he took a look at the snow covering the floor of the porch.

Within seconds, he put the package down and grabbed a shovel near the front door, clearing a pathway without any hesitation.

LaFreniere hadn’t spoken to the delivery driver but said her fiance, Rodney Riesland, chatted with him a lot because he’s usually home when deliveries are made. She said Riesland said the driver — Melvin Marlett — is a great guy.

Marlett has been working for FedEx for 23 years.

Through a friend on Facebook, LaFreniere said she was able to thank Marlett for his kindness.

FedEx took notice of Marlett’s actions and contacted LaFreniere via Facebook to ask if they could share her story.

“FedEx is proud of the many contributions our team members make to the communities we serve every day,” FedEx spokesperson Heather Wilson told CNN. “We commend our courier, Mel Marlett, who went above and beyond to help shovel snow for our customer while making a delivery.”

Marlett told CNN this was something he saw as routine.

“I would hope it’s something that anybody would have done,” Marlett said. “If you take care of your customers, they take care of you.”

LaFreniere said she got the doorbell mostly for security.

“Since we live in a remote area, our driveway is a half-mile long, so for delivery people, it’s quite the drive to get to our house,” said LaFreniere.

LaFreniere said she was hopeful Marlett would get some special recognition from FedEx for his act of kindness.

“Although we see many acts of kindness in the Upper Peninsula, it was still surprising to see that he went the extra step,” she said. “I shared it with my co-workers immediately because I couldn’t believe it. It made my day.”

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