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Oklahoma mother pleads for answers after son’s body found on roadside

Robin Jones is now living every mother's worst nightmare. Her 22-year-old son, Takota Wolf Wise, was murdered and left dead on the side of the road. She is now pleading for answers. (Courtesy: KFOR)

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR ) — “This was my child, and I just want to know what happened, and I want the person to pay for what they’ve done and not have the capabilities to do this to anybody else ever again,” Robin Jones said.

Jones is now living every mother’s worst nightmare.

“’Are you sitting down?’ And I knew then something was wrong. And I said, ‘Why?’ And he said, ‘Takota’s been murdered. The police just left,’” Jones recalled.

Her 22-year-old son, Takota Wise, was murdered and left dead on the side of the road.

This happened Thursday near SW 104th and Morgan.

Police have no suspects and no idea how Wise’s body ended up there.

“We’re supposed to let them bury us; we’re not supposed to bury them,” Jones said.

Jones says her son has struggled with drug use in the past, but she never thought this is how it would all end.

“The world stopped. Even with his drug use and everything, you know, mentally, you try to prepare yourself for a call like that, but then to … murder?” said asked.

Despite Takota’s struggles, she says her son was loving and kind.

“He had a big heart. That’s what I’m going to choose to remember more than anything,” she said. “The only thing that kind of gave me comfort yesterday is knowing that he was saved and baptized when he was 11.”

At six years old, he started playing football at Roosevelt Middle School.

“I said, ‘Takota, the only place you’re allowed to hit somebody is on that football field, and if you do that, we’re good!’”

His father passed away when he was 13, and Jones says since then, Takota was never the same.

“I hope his dad’s happy. He got him earlier than he should’ve, so they can watch TV together and play football.”

Jones is now left with unlimited questions and thoughts of the last time she saw him.

“Every time whenever I would leave his presence – and it comforts me to know that I did, which is I love you – I always told him ‘I love you’ and I always gave him a hug,” Jones said.

Jones left us with a strong message for the people responsible for her son’s murder.

“You left my son dead on the side of the road. I think that hell is too nice of a place for whoever did this,” she said.

You can donate to Takota Wolf’s funeral expenses, CLICK HERE.

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