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Kenosha detective surprised 5-year-old boy with stickers, new shoes, backpack with school supplies


KENOSHA — A Kenosha mother shared a touching account with FOX6 News about how a detective with the Kenosha Police Department went above and beyond for her 5-year-old son.

The boy named Landon noticed Detective Austin Brechue while out with his family on Friday, Jan. 24, and mustered up the courage to ask Det. Brechue for a sticker. Unfortunately, Det. Brechue didn’t have a sticker on him at the time — apologizing to the boy and promising to make it up to him.

Landon got Det. Brechue’s business card and the officer told the boy he works second shift — encouraging Landon to give him a call and leave him a voicemail so he could make sure Landon gets a sticker.

Landon called on Monday, Jan. 27 and left a voicemail for Det. Brechue. His mom said, “He was so nervous, but it sounded so cute.”

On Saturday evening, Feb. 1, the family was surprised by a knock on their door. It was Det. Brechue, who showed up with more than just a sticker for young Landon!

The detective brought stickers, a new pair of shoes, and a backpack filled with school supplies.

Mom said Det. Brechue gave Landon a “HUGE hug” and told the boy to give him a call if he ever wants to talk.

Landon’s mom wanted to share the story so that Det. Brechue gets the recognition he deserves for making a huge impact on her son.

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