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‘Some sort of heart condition:’ Police say Arizona mother collapsed on 4-month-old son, and both died

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- A sudden death became a double tragedy in Tempe, Arizona Monday, Feb. 3, when police said a dying woman fell on top of her baby -- suffocating her son.

"There's a family who lost a mother," said Detective Greg Bacon, Tempe Police Department.

Flowers, a balloon, and stuffed animals were placed outside the townhome near McClintock and Baseline after the tragedy on Saturday, Feb. 1.

Police identified the boy as 4-month-old Denari Meadows, and his mom, Larinque Meadows, 38.

Investigators believe she had a medical emergency but had no record of her trying to call 911.

"So our investigators showed through her phone," said Det. Baon. "She was researching chest pains, so it's a very, very tragic incident in which we believe that she had some sort of heart condition, heart episode, and then passed away and fell, fell on top of Denari."

Police said Denari's father was asleep upstairs because he works the night shift. He said the last time he saw Larinque and his baby boy alive was about 11 a.m. Saturday. Six hours later, he went downstairs and found them.

"This looks like it's a health-related issue," said Det. Bacon. "Father seems to be very hard-working, trying to provide for his family, works nights, ran some errands that morning for the family, specifically for the baby, so it's just a very tragic situation, and, you know, we mourn for them."

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