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‘He always excelled:’ Classmate predicted Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl win in high school yearbook

WHITEHOUSE, Texas — Quarterback Patrick Mahomes played a key role in clinching the Kansas City Chiefs’ first Super Bowl title in 50 years. In fact, only two other quarterbacks have been named Super Bowl MVP before the age of 25. Get this — one of his high school classmates predicted six years ago that Mahomes would win the game! It was documented in their yearbook.

A high school yearbook can tell you a lot — like who had the best hair, the best personality, who was flirting instead of studying, and…who will win the Super Bowl.

In 2014, Whitehouse High School students were asked, “What do you look forward to most about your class reunion?” Spencer Shaw said, “Seeing Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl ring.”

Yup — Shaw predicted that Whitehouse native Patrick Mahomes would win the Super Bowl.

“No matter what he did, he always excelled,” said Shaw.

Shaw said he didn’t really even remember giving that answer, but added, even then, it was easy to see that Mahomes had something special.

“Several people have asked me why I even said that,” said Shaw. “You know, six years ago, why did I think he would be someone who would win a Super Bowl ring? He just has the ‘it’ factor.”

Meanwhile, in 2013, Mahomes was asked who he thought would win that year’s Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers.

“I love the Ravens, but I’d say the 49s because they have the defense, and I think their offense will produce a little bit more,” said Mahomes.

As for Shaw, he tweeted a photo of his high school yearbook prediction — and it got international attention.

“You know, when you look back at a prediction like that you made six years ago, you think, maybe I should start charging people to predict the future, and where they should invest their money, and that kind of stuff,” said Shaw.

He said after this incredible prediction — he’s retiring.

“One big prediction I got right,” said Shaw. “I’ll stick there.”

In high school, Mahomes hinted at what he would do if he ever won the Super Bowl. He tweeted that it must feel good to go to Disney World after winning the game — and that’s exactly where he was on Monday after the Chiefs’ win.

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