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Surveillance cameras captured gas station fight that led to triple shooting, 4 guns recovered

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MILWAUKEE -- Three people were listed in stable condition after a shooting Monday night, Feb. 3 at a gas station near Good Hope Road and Teutonia Avenue in Milwaukee. It happened just before 10 p.m., and the whole thing was caught on camera.

The video showed a red SUV pulling up the pump. The driver put the vehicle in park, and moments later, a black vehicle pulled up behind the red vehicle, and the passenger exited -- approaching the red vehicle and hopping in.

A minute later, a person jumped out of the red vehicle as the vehicle was driven into a snow mound.

Triple shooting near Good Hope and Teutonia

Red vehicle arrives at gas station

Triple shooting near Good Hope and Teutonia

Black vehicle arrived at gas station

Triple shooting near Good Hope and Teutonia

Person from black vehicle approaches red vehicle

Fast-forwarding the video, a fight became clear. People fell out of the red vehicle and rolled on the ground -- with the video showing punching and kicking.

Triple shooting near Good Hope and Teutonia

Police said at some point during the scuffle, a gun was pulled, and everyone involved was struck by bullets. The video showed those fighting rolling around on the ground as the clerk called police.

Triple shooting near Good Hope and Teutonia

Minutes later, first responders arrived.

Three victims were taken to a hospital with gunshot wounds, and four guns were recovered.

"Yeah, I just heard it on the news this morning that there was some problems over there," said Dan Boorse, who works nearby. "That there was a possible gun with three people involved, and I thought I'd maybe get here early to make sure that everything is fine here, as it usually is."

Triple shooting near Good Hope and Teutonia

Triple shooting near Good Hope and TeutoniaThankfully, Boorse and his shop were OK, but word of violence had Boorse and his crew concerned.

"Hopefully, it's just an isolated incident, that it wasn't just a random act," said Boorse, "It's nice that if it was just some people that knew each other that were having a problem."

Anyone with information in this case was asked to please contact Milwaukee police.

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