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‘Really worried about those bees:’ 30 active hives stolen from old dairy farm in Colorado

NORTHGLENN, Colo. — Thieves made off with 30 active beehives at an old dairy farm in Colorado. The owners said whoever stole them had to know about the secluded location and the bee industry.

“All of beehives. All of beehives were staying here,” said Zoya Cherny. “Now, it’s completely empty.”

Cherny was devastated to discover her handmade beehives, along with thousands of active bees, her livelihood, had been stolen.

“At first I could not believe,” said Cherny. “I thought it was absolutely impossible.”

Cherny harvests honey on the east portion of what used to be known as Karl’s Dairy Farm. The 70-acre property has been in Shannon Sublette’s family for decades. In the process of selling the land to developers, Sublette said whoever did this took every piece of the beekeeping process.

“All of the beehives, the stands, the watering buckets — everything associated with the bees were absolutely gone,” said Sublette.

Cherny said it was an expensive and time-consuming setback, with each hive worth $500. It takes a year for a hive to grow to full capacity.

“I’m really worried about those bees now,” said Cherny.

Cherny also used her honeybees for healing, as she personally battled thyroid and breast cancer.

She said her biggest worry after the theft was that whoever did this wouldn’t give the bees the care they need to stay alive.

“If you don’t know what you are doing, the bees can just die, especially if you move the hives at this time of the year,” said Cherny.

Northglenn police launched an investigation into the crime.

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