Hometown Heroes: 3 recognized for efforts in Oshkosh West HS officer-involved shooting

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OSHKOSH -- An Oshkosh West High School student, teacher and school resource officer were recognized Feb. 20 as "Hometown Heroes" after their incredible efforts in December 2019.

The school went into lockdown after a stabbing and officer-involved shooting. The teacher who rushed to help shared his story exclusively with FOX6 News.

Ken Levine

"We heard either two or three very loud banging noises," said Ken Levine, a math teacher at Oshkosh West High School.

For Levine, Dec. 3, 2019 is a day frozen in time -- and tears.

"In my mind, I was hoping it was just kids slamming a locker or something," Levine said.

Oshkosh West High School

Oshkosh West High School

Levine was a couple of rooms away and five minutes into class at Oshkosh West High School when a school resource officer was stabbed by a teen. The officer shot the student, prompting panic and a lockdown.

Without hesitation, Levine jumped to help and even held down the perpetrators. He also used his belt as a tourniquet as Officer Mike Wissink sat bleeding in pain.

"I put the belt on his arm and, within seconds, police were flying into the building," said Levine.

Mike Wissink (Left), Duaa Ahmad (2nd from left), Ken Levine (2nd from right)

On Feb. 20 in Madison, Levine, Wissink and a student -- Duaa Ahmad -- were recognized by the State Assembly as Hometown Heroes. Ahmad led 100 classmates to her mosque across the street from the school.

Duaa Ahmad

"We ran, and we were all terrified for our lives," Ahmad said. "We didn't know what was happening. That just made the situation worse."

Surveillance video showed the teens rushing to the door. It was locked, but Ahmad entered the code and ushered her peers to safety.

"People have always taught me to help others first," said Ahmad.

Mosque surveillance photo of Duaa Ahmad, students

There's little doubt from anyone a school that the three saved countless lives. With the award, they're all one step closer to healing.

"I think it changed everybody's perception of how safe a world we live in," Levine said.

The school resource officer who was stabbed, Mike Wissink, did not wish to speak. His arm still in a cast, he remains on a medical leave of absence.

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