Gage Malensek pleads guilty to 2 charges of manufacturing/deliver THC, 6 charges dismissed

WAUKESHA — Gage Malensek reached a plea deal on Monday, Feb. 24 in a case that accused him of dealing drugs.

Malensek was charged with eight counts in all. But on Monday, six of those charges were dismissed and read into the court record after Malensek pleaded guilty to two counts of manufacture/deliver THC.

The complaint against Malensek noted four instances in which Malensek was involved in the sale of THC in January and February 2019. In each case, investigators used a confidential informant (CI) to meet with Malensek. Authorities would provide the CI with “buy money” — and the deal would play out. After the deal was done, the CI would provide investigators with what he/she received in return. In each instance, the complaint says the items purchased tested positive for THC. The complaint indicates Malensek was dealing marijuana, THC vape cartridges and THC wax.

Malenske is due back in court for sentencing on March 20.

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