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‘Amazing:’ 8-year-old girl hit by tractor gets thousands of get well cards

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WPMT ) — Haley Detman, an 8-year-old girl, was hit by a tractor at her home in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania in February. Afterwards, all she wanted was some get well cards to bring a smile. The message was received around the world as a couple cards turned into a couple thousand.

“Seeing the community’s support and love – it made me see how amazing the world is, like literally, the first day, it was this many cards. Then, the next day the mailman pulled up and he was like this many cards,” explained Melissa.

Melissa says Haley has received so many cards they can’t keep track of them all, and more keep coming in from strangers and neighbors – from churches to people living in different states to families who have sent photos of their children and pets. Melissa is calling all of these people ‘Haley’s angels.’

“She likes reading the ones from little kids,” explained Melissa. “We have gotten cards as young as 1. We have gotten cards from animals too.”

Haley has also received care packages, stickers, posters, stuffed animals, a signed cleat, and artwork from complete strangers. Melissa is trying to figure out where to put it all.

“I went out and bought a whole bunch of bins this big,” explained Melissa. “These are extras for right now, and I filled at least six of them full of stuffed animals.”

Some of the love is even addressed to mom.

“The care packages turned into, like, notes for me to read – people who have gone through similar things,” explained Melissa.

For now, Haley is being schooled at home, and doctors aren’t sure if she will have to have more surgeries; mom describes her daughter as resilient and believes the 8-year-old has made amazing progress.

“She is actually been doing really well at physical therapy,” explained Melissa. “When we left the hospital, she had pulmonary contusions. She had small lung punctures. We just saw her pediatric surgeon yesterday. She had an X-ray, and they cleared her lungs so her lungs are good now. The hardest thing is probably being an 8-year-old and being limited.”

The most helpful thing?

“The support,” added Melissa. “I don’t think I could get through it without family and friends support.”

Every card is a reminder that things can and do get better.

“She would say, ‘thank you,’ and, ‘hi,'” said Melissa when asked what Haley would want to tell the world.

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