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‘Get enough sunlight:’ Tips to get a better night’s sleep, deal with losing an hour of sleep over the weekend

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MILWAUKEE -- If you're feeling extra tired today, you're not alone! Clinical nutritionist Paige Welsh joins FOX6 WakeUp with some ways to deal with losing an hour of sleep over the weekend.

Tips For A Better Night's Sleep:

  • Get enough sunlight in your eyes during day to signal melatonin production at night. The most important time for this is within 30 min of waking up (consider using a happy lamp or light box in winter when it’s dark out, or if you can’t get outside right away). You could also consider sitting outside for lunch, or go for a walk mid day without sunglasses.
  • Avoid blue light from electronics at night, which suppresses melatonin production. Turn off screens and electronics at least an hour before bed, or wear blue light blockers after sunset. You can also adjust the settings on your phone to block blue light after a certain time (I recommend having it turn to "night mode" around 6 pm).
  • Use orange and/or red light at night instead of artificial or LED lights, which also suppresses melatonin production. Use a salt lamp or incandescent bulbs instead of LED bulbs.
  • Wear socks to bed. Warming your feet signals to your brain that it is bedtime.
  • Sleep in a pitch black room. Consider using black out curtains, an eye mask, and/or tape/stickers over electronic lights on devices that stay on throughout the night.
  • Turn down the heat at night. The optimal temp for sleeping is 60-68 degrees, anything lower or higher can disrupt sleep.
  • Try deep breathing if you have a hard time falling asleep (such as 4, 7, 8 breathing or alternate nostril breathing).
  • Tart cherries help your body produce melatonin, so consider adding these in your diet.
  • Try not to eat any sugar at bedtime so you don’t get a cortisol spike in the middle of the night, which will wake you up. If you need nighttime snack make sure it’s healthy fat and/or protein (such as avocado, plain Greek yogurt, raw nuts/seeds, or unsweetened nut butters).
  • If none of these tips work, Sleep Well Spray by Garden of Life is a great, natural product that can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

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